About CSE

ConnectSouthEast aims to promote awareness of ITS in the Southeast Europe. Based in  Vienna, the organisation serves a population of around 82 million in countries such as  Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and western Turkey. ConnectSouthEast does this by providing networking opportunities through periodic newsletters, conferences, seminars and workshops by engaging with the media on the use of information and communication technologies in transportation.

The organisation wishes to plan, develop and analyse macro-regional strategies to improve transport efficiency in Southeast Europe and also increase the linkages to and between its members. ConnectSouthEast therefore aims to improve mobility and have seamless intermodal transport in terms of infrastructure and processes. In addition, this will be done in a way that is not detrimental to the natural and social environment.

ConnectSouthEast aims to advise Government on ITS policy matters from the enterprise knowledge society and transport perspective in accordance with its mission statement and the interest of its members. This encompasses more strategic management for all forms of transport; the implementation of urban traffic solutions; evaluation of transport economics and implementation of road pricing initiatives; better traffic and parking management; and an increase of intermodality and transport linkages, amongst others.