ConnectSouthEast wishes to plan, develop and analyze macro-regional strategies to improve transport efficiency and also increase the linkages to and between its members. In doing so, the organization’s wishes to improve mobility and have seamless intermodal transport infrastructure and processes.


Moreover, the organization aims to do this in a way that is not detrimental to the natural and social environment. Therefore, to achieve its vision, ConnectSouthEast’s wishes to:

• Promote and develop intermodal sea-land and land transport connections
• Institutionalize the appropriate scientific, technical and operational assistance
• Foster interregional cooperation and research
• Facilitate the steady growth in traffic and transport volume
• Stimulate economic activity
• Maintain natural and social environmental sustainability

In doing so, ConnectSouthEast brings together stakeholders from the academic, public and private sectors. Together, these stakeholders cooperate to make ITS tangible for the users, considering macro-regional factors and using a scientific approach towards Transport Economics.